The Kansas City Music Hall has specific rules that they ask all visitors to abide by for every patron to have the most enjoyable experience whilst at the venue. Please see the below sections regarding some of the rules and policies which are in place at the Kansas City Music Hall.

Items allowed

It’s good news, you will now be able to bring purses over 12″ into the venue and not have to leave them at coat check or in your vehicle, so long as they meet the security policy guidelines.


The venue has multiple fully stocked bars throughout the venue which can provide you with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you are wanting to purchase alcoholic drinks, please ensure you have a valid ID to present to the bartender upon request.


Smoking of any type is not allowed inside the venue, this include both e-cigarettes, vapes, and other electronic devices. If you want to smoke, there are designated smoking areas located around the venue, simply follow the signs to the nearest exit or ask one of the staff members.


Cameras are allowed into the venue, however please note that any type of photography is at limited times during the shows and varies from performer to performer. Please ask the venue regarding the specific show you are seeing. All professional photography is forbidden from inside the venue, unless previously agreed prior to arrival.


The Kansas City Music Hall operates a strict no weapons policy, so any weapon of any type is strictly forbidden inside the venue. 

Ticket Policies:
For ticket policies and guarantees please read the Kansas City Music Hall Tickets page.