Moulin Rouge – The Musical at Kansas City Music Hall

moulin rouge at kansas city music hallStep into a world of sparkle, sophistication, and splendor! In this world, Bohemians and aristocrats unite to enjoy life’s many delights. Pop open the bubbly and witness the award-winning Moulin Rouge! The Musical. Sink into your seat, relax, and watch Baz Luhrmann’s masterpiece unfold before your very eyes as Moulin Rouge! The Musical is making its way to the Kansas City Music Hall. What are you waiting for?! This is your chance to experience theater like never before! Snap up your tickets now and experience an immersive world brimming with glamor, freedom, and romance.

Moulin Rouge Tickets:

“Yes they can-can! ‘Moulin Rouge!’ has a battery that never runs down.” – Variety by Bob Verini

“Smart, shameless and extravagantly entertaining.” – The New York Times by Ben Brantley

“Moulin Rouge! The Musical brings the film to life onstage in new ways.” – London Theatre

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Set on the brink of the 20th century in 1899 against a Parisian backdrop, Moulin Rouge! The Musical follows a lovestruck poet from England named Christian and Satine, a cabaret dancer, who performs at the notorious Moulin Rouge club, otherwise known as the place “where all your dreams come true.”

As the story comes to life on stage, Christian arrives at the club with kindred spirits: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and the Argentinean Santiago. Meanwhile, the story welcomes the Duke of Monroth, a man driven by wealth and lust.

Moulin Rouge is a charming love story about two souls entangled in a forbidden romance. While Satine falls madly in love with the English poet, she has been bound to the Duke through an arrangement made by the club’s manager. Satine is to wed the aristocrat in return for funding the next cabaret performance. As the young lovers’ romance blossoms behind closed doors, the dancer’s wedding day looms closer and closer. Yet, she hides a secret from both men.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical’s soundtrack artfully features all the amazing original songs from the 2001 movie. But there’s a twist! The show also features beloved tracks that have topped the charts over the 22 years since the movie hit the big screen. EXCITING STUFF!!

“Every dance number in Moulin Rouge! The Musical is carefully choreographed and intentional.”  – London Theatre

“an extravagant Broadway megamix” – Adam Feldman

‘Moulin Rouge! The Musical’ Offers a Party, and a Playlist, for the Ages” – The New Yorker

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Creative team

The creative team includes the likes of: John Logan (Bookwright), Alex Timbers (Director), Sonya Tayeh (Choreographer), Justin Levine (Music Supervisor, Orchestrator, and Arranger), Matt Stine (Music Producer), Derek McLane (Set Design), Catherine Zuber (Costume Design), Justin Townsend (Lighting Design), Peter Hylenski (Sound Design), and David Brian Brown (Wig and Hair Design).

Oyoyo Joi brings to life the character of Satine on stage, while David Harris takes on the role of the Duke of Monroth. The ensemble cast consists of: Eric Anderson, Jacqueline B. Arnold, Sarah Bowden, Maya Bowles, Cameron Burke, Sophie Carmen-Jones, Olivia Cece, Lauren Celentano, Patrick Clanton, Raúl Contreras, Casey Cott, Alexander Gil Cruz, Bobby Daye, Tilly Evans-Krueger, Taurean Everett, Aaron C. Finley, Stephen Hernandez, Bahiyah Hibah, Nathaniel Hunt, Tasia Jungbauer, Adam J. Levy, Nick Martinez, Kara Menendez, David Merino, Kaitlin Mesh, Fred Odgaard, Kelsey Orem, Dylan Paul, Amy Quanbeck, Courtney Reed, Clay Rice-Thomson, Ricky Rojas, Arianna Rosario, Julius Anthony Rubio, Brandon Stonestreet, Alec Varcas, Cole Wachman, Michael Bryan Wang, Andre Ward, and Bria Jene Williams.

History and Awards

The production grossed $2.2 million for the week that ended on October 13, 2019, Playbill reported. And, in May 2022, Moulin Rouge! The Musical climbed to the fifth place of the highest-grossing Broadway productions of all time, taking in $1.4 million at box office sales for that week alone! Just four months later, in September 2022, the musical had secured as much as $135.5 million in revenue, attracting a whopping 371,285 viewers across 260 incredible performances. 

For its impressive 2018 Boston show, Moulin Rouge! The Musical secured 7 awards at the IRNE Awards in 2019. WOW! The original Broadway show was nominated for 32 awards, bagging as many as 17 categories. AMAZING! These included 10 Tony Awards for Best Musical, Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical, Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical, Best Direction of a Musical, Best Choreography, Best Orchestrations, Best Scenic Design of a Musical, Best Costume Design of a Musical, Best Lighting Design of a Musical, and Best Sound Design of a Musical. And, the icing on the cake is that Moulin Rouge! The Musical even secured a Honoree recognition in 11 categories at the 2020 Outer Critics Circle Awards!!

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